This is definitely no joke!
BABYOKX was born on April Fool's Day, April 1, 2022.

BABYOKX — is OKX our own #memedog coin His birth will change the whole memedog family, BABYOKX belongs to the world, so does OKX. pancakeswap for fair launch, currently low market cap, very secure contract, ownership has been relinquished

  • Locked LP

    Flow cell LP locked for 100 years, some burned.
  • Auto Burns

    Buying and selling slippage 0.5% black hole destruction BABYOKX super destruction.
  • Rewards for Holding

    0.5% BABYOKX of each transaction slippage is redistributed to token holders. This means you can earn more BABYOKX coins just by keeping them in your wallet.
  • Marketing + Reflow

    1% Marketing work 1% Reflow pool becomes thicker
BABYOKX's Charity
BABYOKX will save 1% of every transaction in its charity cabin, which will become a charitable foundation. Of course, the fund is supervised by the community. If it is necessary to use the charitable fund, relevant information will be released in advance after the community's opinions are reached. BABYOKX are very concerned about the relationship between man and nature. In the eyes of BABYOKX, all life has the right to pursue happiness. Therefore, BABYOKX will actively participate in charity activities for human development, animal protection, environmental protection and social problems! Our happiness is also transmitted!
BABYOKX's Future
BABYOKX's Roadmap

    ✓ Marketing push to spread awareness
    ✓ Token and contract deployment on the chain
    ✓ Meme development
    ✓ BABYOKX is Born!
    ✓ Launch social media
    ✓ launch Website
    ✓ Contract Audit
    ✓ pancakeswap DEX trade
    ✓ The game is online and running
    • Apply for CoinGecko
    • Apply for CoinMarketCap
    • Begin of marketing
    • Expand team

    • Build more charity partnerships
    • Influencers pushing the market
    • Listing on well-known exchanges (Binance、MXC、
    • Trend and Token data analysis platform
    • Community Voting platform
    • Launch of BABYOKX merchandise store

    • Listing on more exchange
    • BabyokxSwap (Decentralize Exchange)
    • Cooperate with other project(s)

    • 100,000 Holders & 50,000 Telegram Members
    • Telegram member
Join Our Community
Extremely active community that loves our mission. Our telegram channel is filled with community members that would love to help you. Do not trust random
messages of people claiming to be "support" or ever give out your wallet info to anyone.